Could drinking too much caffeine cause prostate problems?

Possibly. Caffeine can be an irritant to both the bladder and the prostate. Fortunately, it does not affect most people.
Yes. Some doctors believe that caffeine itself is harmful to the urinary tract, and is an irritant. It is clear that caffeine is a diuretic, a drug which increases urinary flow, and in men who already have an enlarged prostate with age, or an inflamed prostate with prostatitis, the more you have to urinate, and the more urine there is, the more problems you have. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.

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Can drinking too much caffeine cause someone to be reckless?

No. You can't blame excess caffeine for making you reckless. Too much can make you jittery & nervous and give you heart palpitations and even a splitting headache but it can't make you reckless. Read more...

Can ulcers be cause by drinking too much caffeine?

Ulcers are caused by. A bacterium known a h. Pylori. People used to think that they came from worrying but we know differently today. Large amounts of caffeine from coffee can be harsh on the stomach and cause an acidic condition and taste in the mouth. Peace and good health. Read more...