Am I a good candidate for implantable contact lenses? I have very bad eyesight, and I wanted to get lasik, but my doctor told me I wasn't a good candidate because I'm so nearsighted. Can implantable contact lenses correct myopia?

ICL LASIK. For patients with high levels of myopia, a surgeon can implant a lens within the eye to correct the vision. This is called a phakic iol, and can provide excellent visual results. Your own surgeon will evaluate your eyes to see whether lasik or the phasic iol (one brand is called the icl) would be best for you.
Yes. Implantable contact lenses may be a good option for you. See a surgeon who offers this procedure for further evaluation.
There . There are several refractive options, including lasik, prk, and intraocular "contact lenses". For patients who are very near sighted (i.e., high myopia), an implantable contact lens may be an option.