Can a brow lift get rid of wrinkles between the eyes? The wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyes are so deep that I look angry all the time. Would a brow lift work to smooth out my forehead and make me look less harsh?

Yes. It sounds like a brow lift would be a reasonable option. You also might try using Botox first, to soften the wrinkles non-surgically.
What a browlift does. Different methods of browlifting can improve your frown lines but it often involves cutting muscles that if cut indiscriminately, can result in your brows actually migrating laterally. Discuss your concerns with the surgeon you choose to have this procedure done with.
Yes. A brow lift is an excellent treatment option to improve the area around the eyebrows as you have described. However, Botox or its equivalent can soften those lines significantly with little to no downtime. The one major drawback is that it must be repeated 2-4 times per year.
Deep. Deep wrinkles between the brows are a common reason to perform a browlift. While no procedure can completely remove wrinkles, there are procedures that can minimize the wrinkles. If a brow lift does not improve them enough, sometimes the addition of fat grafting or placing fascia tissue from the temple area will work well. To reduce the wrinkles with a browlift entails weakening or in some cases removing the muscles in the area between the brows. This does reduce the ability to frown but does limit the further development of those pesky lines. Browlifts can be performed in an office operating room as an outpatient. Methods used to perform browlifts include incisions in the hair, at the hairline, throught the upper eyelids, and also via endoscopic methods. Look for a surgeon who is certified by the american board of plastic surgery.

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What can be the causes of daily forehead headaches between the eyes? At times, there is swelling as well. I had a brow lift five years ago.

Chronic Headaches. Daily headaches can be frustrating and cumbersome; they occur due to many reasons. Use of medications like Ibuprofen and triptans on a frequent basis can cause headaches. Family history of headaches also predisposes a person to headaches. Other factors involved include stress, physical trauma, sleep disorders, and previous history of headaches. Swelling is probably a separate issue; consult pcp.
Brow lift headache. Headaches have many causes, which may be difficult to diagnose for some patients. Brow lift surgery can contribute to discomfort early after surgery, but uncommon years afterward. One potential treatment is Botox cosmetic in-between the eyes and forehead to help relax the facial muscles. We can only speculate without a comprehensive office evaluation.
See long answer. The answer is complicated. You certainly need to be under the care of a neurologist to rule out the usual causes and cures for ha. However, it might be interesting to know if Botox or even nerve block help with your pain.
Deviated Septum. A deviated nasal septum (the cartilages and bones) is one of the most common--and undiagnosed--causes of headaches. The crooked bone and cartilage presses against the side walls of the nose (turbinates) and triggers a headache. Correcting the deformity often totally relieves--or minimizes the frequency and severity of the headache. Have some one who specializes in nose surgery examine your nose.