How can I stop restless legs syndrome? I haven’t had a good night of sleep in months and I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford the medications my doctor wants to give. I’ve read sometimes magnesium helps, but I don’t know how much? What about other ove

Find Out Cause First. Rule out underlying causes that may can be treated such as mineral deficiencies, venous insufficiency or various immune deficiencies. Start with blood work and a venous ultrasound by a vascular surgeon. Review medication for side effects . If no underlying cause is identified, get daily exercise and cut back on smoking & drinking. Take a multi-vitamin with iron and save medication as last resort.
Restless leg. My uncle had restless leg, and we were at dinner with a physician friend. He told my uncle to buy quinine water (similar to seltzer but different), and to drink a glass of that in the evening. Lo and behold it worked! a cheap fix, and found at the grocery store!
First, . First, you should make sure you're not deficient in iron but having iron and ferritin levels checked. Deficiency of iron can sometimes masquerade as rls, and will respond to supplementation. If you're not iron-deficient, medications to try include Neurontin (which is available as generic under the name gabapentin), Requip (ropinirole) and mirapex. If you cannot afford a name-brand, one way to get it is to contact the drug maker and ask them about patient-assistance programs. I would not recommend taking random doses of magnesium. Some patients like to put hot and icy or similar cream; others ride a stationary bike for 20 min prior to bedtime - neither of these is guaranteed to work, though.