Will I need skin removal surgery after liposuction? I'm having liposuction on my abdomen and thighs, but I'm afraid my skin will be loose and sag after the surgery. Is there anything I can do to improve the elasticity of my skin before the surgery? How do

No. The elasticity of the skin is extremely difficult if not impossible to improve. After liposuction you can try the skintyte treatments.
Excisional procedure. Loose skin is treated by excisional procedures, ie tummy tuck and thigh lift. The procedures can be performed at the time of liposuction. You need to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. http://www.dassmd.com/liposuction/index.html.
No. If you have stretch marks in the areas you are getting lipo, or loose skin, it will get worse after lipo. This being said, if you are planning to have tummy tuck in the future, even if the skin gets worse after lipo, tummy tuck will take care of it. On the outer thighs, the skin does not usually gat loose but in the inner thighs it almost always does. You may need a thigh lift later.
The . The need for plastic surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss depends on many factors. The most significant are the degree of weight loss and the recoil or recovery of skin stretch. The degree of weight loss is a double edged sword in that most patients want to lose as much as they can of their excess weight but the more they lose the more "excess" skin they will have. While there is very little proven to improve the recovery of stretched skin one sign of skin that will not recover as well are stretch marks. These areas of thinning of the skin which can also be reddened are one indication hat the skin has stretched beyond its ability to recover.
The . The key thing here is how old are you, the older you are the less elasticity your skin has.Also how much fat is being removed?Usually the doctor can pretty much tell if loose skin will be a problem.I have my patients wear a tight comprssion garment post op to minimize sagging.E.