Is acoustic wave therapy an easy way to get rid of cellulite? I try to eat healthy foods, but it's hard to find time to exercise. I've tried diet and exercise to get rid of cellulite in the past, but it didn't work. Can acoustic wave therapy get rid of ce

Forget acoustic wave. Endermologie works best non invasively.. Cellulaze is invasive and result vary.
Cellulite treatment. Get rid of cellulite acoustic wave therapy will probably not help. For a procedure that would help to reduce cellulite, there is a laser treatment called cellulaze that was recently approved by the fda last year. This procedure is proven to show better results after just one session. The outcome lasts one year or longer, but you may need followup sessions depending on the results.
No. Cellulite is caused by the way that your skin attaches to your muscles. While massage and other topical therapies can provide temporary relief, in some cases, it will not treat the cause. Even surgical release of the attachments is unlikely to smooth things out completely. It is, however, still a good idea to find the time to eat right and exercise.
Not really. I am not a proponent of acoustic wave therapy and do not believe that it will provide substantial imporvement.
Let . Let me make this very simple. Nothing will remove the appearance of cellulite. There are no creams, no treatments, no surgery that can remove cellulite. There are, however, many treatments that claim to improve cellulite. For the most part, the improvement (if any) is minimal. The one treatment that i can recommend to help improve cellulite a little is velashape. Be careful when you are looking for cellulite options nothing really works well.I hope this info helps! best regards, adam j rubinstein, md, facshttp://www.Dr-rubinstein.Com [http://www.Dr-rubinstein.Com]305-792-7575past chief, section of plastic surgery jackson north medical centeractive member, american society of plastic surgeonsactive member, american society for aesthetic plastic surgeryactive member, international society of aesthetic plastic surgeryfounding member, american society of bariatric plastic surgeonsactive member, american academy of anti-aging medicineconfidentiality notice: the information contained in this electronic message may be privileged and confidential, and may or may not contain sensitive and personal information, including identifiable health information, the confidentiality of which may be protected by federal and state law and is only for the use of the individual(s) or entity(ies) named on address line(s)above. This electronic message in no way substitutes for medical or cosmetic advice. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, the reader is hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited, and the reader is requested to notify dr. Rubinstein at 305-792-7575 or [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] immediately and to delete the information. We assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from the information contained in this email.