I have continuous vertigo that has lasted already 2 yrs. Is there a treatment? I have had a negative mri. I see a neurologist who is telling me it was caused by a virus and at this point I have to focus on dealing with the symptoms. I was given anti-de

Vertigo. Is it really continuous 24/7 regardless of what you doing because there are few if any conditions other than medication side effects or anxiety that cause constant symptoms. Inner ear problems can start constant but improve over time and are absent when not moving and aggravated by movement. Need more info. Would also recommend ENT evaluation by neurootologist who specializes in ear disorders.
I . I understand your concern, as two years is a very long time to have symptoms of vertigo. I am glad that you saw an ENT physician for evaluation, and that you had a prior mri. The neurology referral is appropriate and medically necessary. Vertigo is thought in some cases to be caused by a virus affecting the inner ear or vestibular system, but other causes need to be evaluated. There are some diseases that can cause vertigo, such as meniere's disease. It will be important when you see the neurologist to describe the duration of your symptoms, what you have tried in the past, any medications or herbs you are taking, any family history, and any other symptoms that you have. There are some specialists who will try the "epley maneuvers", which is a series of maneuvers on the patient's head and neck, with the thought being that we have "otoliths", which are like little rocks or crystals, in the inner ear vestibular system, and that the maneuvers can get them re-positioned and help with vertigo. I agree with your physician advising that you see a neurologist for a complete evaluation.