Concerned about leg pain last week I was sick from tuesday - friday. I never went to the doctor just had body aches, headache, dizzyness and plain felt horrible. On saturday when I woke up I felt better but I had weird leg pain when standing. My legs f

Too soon to worry. With what sounds like the flu or a similar flu-like illness, muscle aches are very common. I would gradually increase your activity to normal. If the leg pain or weird feeling persist past another week, i would see your doctor. If you develop numbness, tingling or shooting pains, i would see a doctor sooner.
These . These symptoms bring several conditions to mind. Sometimes when we get very sick, our electrolytes--the sodium, potassium, and chloride in our blood--get "out of whack" and can make our muscles feel weak or even painful. This is diagnosed by a simple blood test. In the future if you are ill, try and stay really well hydrated with a mixture of water and an electrolyte-drink (sports drink). If you have any leg swelling at all, it would be important to be sure you don't have a blood clot. It sounds like you were very dehydrated and ill, i would recommend having your symptoms checked by a physician.