Ocd/bdd/skin picking? I tend to pick and peel the skin off my fingers, by the cuticle and nails, till I bleed and they become raw, sometimes I scratch my skin till it breaks, usually when I'm nervous, upset, stressed, etc. I've battled with my weight sinc

It . It sounds like an eating disorder + ocd, consider referral to eating do specialist/program and treatment with ssri- like Luvox (fluvoxamine) if pt is a young adult in not other meds.
Nervous habit. You have developed a nervous habit that you get some intrinsic pleasure from doing! it is a habit that you developed, and can undo it. Get a stress ball and scrunch that instead. Nervous eating is the same thing. Stay busy. Chew gum, take up knitting. Keep your hands otherwise busy! i had a bad habit of chewing my cuticles once--gone for years!