Eye laser surgary! Hi, iam looking for good eye laser surgeon as iam planning to take eye laser treatment. Currently staying in fremont, ca. Please help me in getting eye surgeon near by. If possible let me know how much it costs for both eyes if I go

I . I invite you to come see us at eye associates of southern california in temecula, ca. Come enjoy wine country and be evaluated for modern, bladeless lasik performed by our cornea trained specialists. Price depends on the type of refractive laser surgery you need. Price ranges from $3500 to $5000 for both eyes. It's difficult to discuss exact cost without an evaluation. However, beware of clinics advertising extremely cheap rates. You will find more information on our website: http://eye-socal.Com/services/refractive-surgery-bladeless-lasik.Html.
Rather . Rather than travel all the way to southern california, there are plent of good laser eye surgeons in your area. You can't go wrong at stanford or ucsf. Both have outstanding ophthalmology departments with all of the latest technology. You want to get treated close to home in case you have any problems or issues after surgery.