Do you think it's arthritis? I just had my 4th child 3 months ago and my whole body hurts. All of my joints, I should say--my hips, my wrists, my fingers, my ankles, my back. I am in excruciating pain on a daily basis, sometimes to the point of hardly b

Evaluation. Evalustion and laboratory tests to rule out or in fibrmyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome with pain.
Your . Your story is suspicious for early rheumatoid arthritis, which frequently comes on shortly after the birth of a child. I urge you to see your primary care physician who can obtain a full history, physicial examination, and appropriate laboratory tests. If there are abnormalities, you will likely be referred to a rheumatologist to confirm the diagnosis and begin treatment to control your symptoms and prevent joint damage. Evaluation by a rheumatologsit may also be appropriate if you have persistent, significant symptoms even if the initial evaluation by the primary care doctor is normal.