How long does a weiss ring take to go away? Why doesn't it float away like the other little floaters that you get. Thank you. I had it checked by my ophthalmologist, so I don't have any tears. It is in the center of my visual field and is driving me nut

Weeks to months. The weiss ring will always be present the rest of your life whenever an ophthalmologist looks in your eye. Your brain, however, over time should learn to ignore it and it will be less noticeable. Rarely the floaters do not disappear. If it is really debilitating, a retina surgeon can perform a vitrectomy to remove the vitreous floaters. Few ophthalmologists may also use a laser to treat floaters.
Weiss ring. The weiss ring is the posterior vitreous face which released from the optic nerve head. Until the posterior vitreous detachment is complete, the remaining adhesions keep the weiss ring close the center of vision. With time, your brain ignores this and the ring floats more peripherally.
Unfortunately, . Unfortunately, the weiss ring floater does not go away. However, patients sometimes adapt and will stop seeing the floater. Some patients will continue to notice the floater.