Is there any risk under shoulder manipulation' the shoulder has been frozen after the week of surgery. Almost seven months still doing p.T. And living in pain, is it better to do a arthroscopic release. I have arthritis and grade III of the chondromalaci

Risk in all surgery. It sounds like you had a shoulder arthroscopy with subsequent frozen shoulder. This complication almost always is because of poor pain control after surgery. If pt hasn't resolved the problem, manipulation under anesthesia is the next step. Many shoulder specialists plan a manipulation and arthroscopic release at the same surgery, progressing with the scope only if necessary.
Hello: The . Hello: the primary goal of another intervention would be to improve your motion, and it would be important to not ruin what was done for your surgery (if there was a repair of rotator cuff and labrum done). For that purpose, sometimes a manipulation is fine, but if somehow the manipulation alone is not improving your motion enough under anesthesia, then you should be prepared, and your surgeon be prepared also, to proceed right away, as you are still under anesthesia, to an arthroscopic release. Sometimes if there was a repair done, your surgeon may elect to go straight to an arthroscopic release. This is because there may be too much risk to re-tear your repair. I would definitely let your surgeon have this option available so that he/she can do everything it takes to achieve the best outcome for you. I hope this helps! sincerely, jim hsu, md seattle, wa.
Risk of fracture. Typically if a patient fails conservative treatment, i will recommend a shoulder manipulation +/- arthroscopic release depending upon how much motion i achieve with a manipulation alone. Risk of fracture with a manipulation.