Need your advice on pelvic pain I had pain in pelvic area doctor thought I had bladdetr infection and pressscribed amoxocillin the problem was not solved. I went back to her and again she told me to get same medicine total of30 tablets, though there w

Further exam needed. Any time a woman has pelvic pain, a visit to a gynecologist is indicated. If the pain does not resolve, continue to seek care perhaps from a different gynecologist if the first one is not taking you seriously.
Clearly, . Clearly, it is impossible to do a thorough evaluation of pelvic pain on the internet. While there are multiple possible causes, someone with a negative urine culture and symptoms of a bladder infection makes me suspicious for interstitial cystitis. Your best bet is to make an appointment with a doctor experienced in the diagnosis and management of pelvic pain. The most successful clinics are multi-specialty with doctors from different specialties collaborating on your care. There are not many of these. The interstitial cystitis association has a website listing doctors who deal with these conditions on a regular basis (www. Ichelp. Org). Typically you would need a urogynecologist, urologist or occasionally a general gynecologist. There is also a listing of pelvic specialists at www. Augs. Org. Good luck.