How old do you need to be to get laser eye surgery? Do you need to be a certain age? My eyes are still changing and my vision is getting worse, but I'm interested in getting corrective surgery. How long do I need to wait after getting glasses?

The. The food and drug administration (fda) has approved laser vision correction after age 21. Should should definitely wait until at least that age, although some people's eyes change until their mid to late 20's. Make sure your vision is stable before proceeding. Your ophthalmologist should see you 2 years in a row to make sure that things are stable before performing laser vision correction. But again, I would wait until at least age 21.
It. It is a good idea to wait until you're after 18 years of age. Your glasses prescription should be stable for at least 6 months. Consider coming to temecula, ca where you can be evaluated by our cornea specialist and enjoy wine country. Visit our website for more information: www. Eye-socal. Com.

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If I get laser eye surgery will I still need to have reading glasses when I'm older?

Likely reading glass. If you are already wearing reading glasses or bifocals before lasik, you will likely still need glasses for near after. Lasik typically corrects the distance vision permanently. After age 40, near vision still needs an additional reading glass correction. There is an option to purposely undercorrect one eye (leaving it near sighted) to allow spectacle free vision - this is called monovision.
Yes. Yes. If you have laser surgery before age 45, you will need reading glasses as you get older. A touchup laser could be considered as you develop the need for reading glasses.

If I get laser eye surgery can I still continue to wear my glasses?

You would want to? If your laser eye surgery is for glaucoma or retinal problems you will still need glasses. If your laser eye surgery was done to reduce your dependency on glasses why would you still want to wear them?
Sure. If you want to wear sometimes for fashion or protection. You will have to change the prescription.