My son was diagnosed with chronic daily headache. How do I know he is getting the correct treatment? My son was diagnosed with chronic daily headache. He was put on nortriptyline and prednisone. He has been weened off the prednisone but his nortiptyline w

I . I am sorry to hear of his dilemma. He has received appropriate treatment thus far but as you present it the side effects of the medication are outweighing any benefit. There are several other modes of treatment that include other medications. First the diagnosis of chronic daily headache needs to be secured. From your description that may not be the case if there is any connection between his headaches and the nausea with vomiting and a fever. I would need more information before i can be of any further assistance. Good luck.
Your question is cut. You need to resubmit question. It is cut off. How old is your son? Check his vision, check him for tmj.