Are there any herbs which heal bph?

No. None that have been scientifically proven most of the herbs are marketed with anecdotal evidence, at best even saw palmetto, which is commonly used for BPH was shown in a very large randomized, placebo-controlled study to be no better than placebo (but remember that placebo works ~30% in most studies).
No. Several studies were done on saw palmetto and it was no better than placebo.
Here are some ... All the commercially touted prostate-health-enhancing herbs or pills contain similar ingredients usually being saw palmetto, pygeum, multiple vitamins, minerals - zinc, selenium, lycopene, ginseng, bee pollens, etc. and all based on animal studies but failed to stand time-testing in humans. So, the real fever for prostate health has significant faded over the past 10 yrs, but copywriting still..