I have 5 "nodules" in my thyroid, 2 of which have grown their own vascular rims. How serious is this? I have 5 "nodules" "goiters" or whatever word d'jour pops up. Two of these growths have grown their own vascular rim, and no one is doing anything. I

Multinodular goiter. Multi nodular goiter (mng) is likely what you are describing. This condition often times does not cause thyroid hormone problems but if it does, then the term functional or toxic mng is applied. In either scenario, the options including just monitoring nodular size by us versus thyroid removal, either surgically or via radioactive iodine. Seldom that use of thyroid hormone therapy will be helpful.
Your . Your thyroid situation needs to be thoroughly evaluated. The vascular rims per se are not in and of themselves serious. If there is increased blood flow inside the nodules, that would be more worrisome. However, your symptoms indicate there could be significant thyroid problems which would need to be addressed soon. I suggest you see an endocrinologist.