Grand mal seizure I had one 3/31. Am going through neuro. Testing now: mri, ct, 2 decho, eeg, etc. I now have short-term memory loss & have trouble completing my sentennces. I knlow the word, but can't get it from brain to mouth, & can't remember a

Encephalopathy. Our brains change with age. Many factors will contribute to the risk for seizures and memory and speech problems. Your doctors will need to evaluate you thoroughly for metabolic problems, blood pressure problems, risk of stroke, risk of cancer, risk of neuro-degenerative disease, etc. I am sure they will provide the necessary and appropriate treatment to help you stay functional and content.
By . By now you have probably already had the appropriate tests performed to determine the cause and treatment for your malady. If your memory loss persists then look for another cause- i.e. Sleep apnea, medication effect, generalized anxiety, adhd, lack of cognitive stimulation... Good luck and i hope all goes well.