I was wondering if it safe to take ADHD medication (if a have a big varicose vein in my leg) I was diagnosed w it recently and I was too embarrased to tell my doctor

Safe. It is certainly save to take your medication if you have a varicose vein and it would be wise to tell your physician about it. Better still, see a vein specialist and have a venous reflux ultrasound to see if you can have your varicose vein treated before it worsens.
Varicose vein. Nothing to be embarrassed about. If these veins are symptomatic may want to consider evaluation to include ultrasound. Doubt adhd medication has any relevance.
ADHD and leg veins. I want to emphasize what dr. Clark said: no need to be embarrassed. Talk to your doctor. You can certainly take your adhd medicine (and want to continue to do that) and you should let your doctor know about it. You also want to let your docotr know about the varicose vein. Both problems can be successfully treated as long as your doctor knows what is going on.
Probably safe. It is probably safe to take adhd medication. It is best to tell your doctors about all of your medications and conditions.
There . There are no contraindications that I am aware of with taking your adhd medication and having varicose veins. As always, take your medication as prescribed. Varicose veins can be painful and uncomfortable, if you are wearing compression hose and having persistent pain, aching, or any redness then you should be evaluated medically.