My mom's CBC came back 91 wbc, 75 lym, and 10.5 mid. At our health fair. What could this mean? Background info, she is maybe 105 lbs., very active, anxious person. 75 years of age. Last years CBC was a little bit lower but not much. She only takes half

Recommend . Recommend having the CBC repeated by her primary physician. An elevated WBC with high percentage of lymphocytes is suggestive for a hematological disorder such as cll; however, an automated CBC test is unreliable and needs further confirmation.
I'm . I'm not sure about lab values or what "mid." means. However, it sounds like: - high wbc - high lymphocyte count the differential diagnosis includes chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) as well as other lymphoproliferative disorders (eg, lymphoma). She needs to see a hematologist. Consider: pbs (peripheral blood smear), flow cytometry, ldh, etc. Good luck.