Are all bladder masses cancerous?

No. There are several types of bladder masses but not all are cancerous. The definitive test to determine if the lesion is cancer is a biopsy. All bladder masses identified need to be biopsied and examined to determine if is malignant or benign.
Bladder Mass. Many bladder masses are tumorous and represent cancerous growths, but some are related to chronic infection. Your urologist is in the best position to examine you and provide a definitive diagnosis.

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I had a cat scan done of my kidneys & bladder can a car scan show cancer and or masses formed?

Yes. A CT scan is an excellent way of assessing the kidney for tumors, abscesses and other issues. A blockage of the ureter also will be evident, as can occur with a stone or tumor. The bladder, if normal on CT, could still have non-invasive cancer that does not distort the bladder wall. A cystoscopy where the urologist looks into the bladder with a scope via the urethra is needed to be sure. Read more...