How can I find the best maternity bra?

Lactation consultant. Most maternity stores that sell clothes have a section for maternity bras that are made weli. In addition, most hospitals where babies are delivered have lactation specialists on staff. Many of those specialists may be able to fit you for not only a maternity bra, but (even more importantly) a lactation bra that provides good support and opens for breast feeding. Buy those after the baby is born.
See below. The ones which open on the front. It's plenty to chose from on the internet. Go to amazon.Com: http://www.Amazon.Com/s?Ie=utf8&page=1&rh=n%3a1285234011.
Specialty bra shop . Or lactation consultant. Would encourage you to be fitted in person for your maternity bra. Up to 85% of american women are wearing incorrect bra size. The professionals at a specialty bra store/ lactation consultant can ensure that you have the correct band and cup size as well the best design to fit your need. You will also be taught how to properly settle your breasts into the bra. It >.