I have been on oxycontin for chronic pain for 3 months. I am unable to move my bowels. I take 3 types of laxatives. The miniscule fragments are soft and a small amount of mucus is present. I have a history of laxative abuse 25 years ago. Prior to recent s

Talk to your doc. If it is severe, the dose of Oxycontin should be reduced, at least 10-20%. There is a medicine called Relistor (methylnaltrexone) that is very effective for opiate-induced constipation, but has to be given as a shot by doctor. A stool softener twice daily, some senna based laxative and a magnesium laxative are best. Am concerned about Oxycontin long-term in anybody your age. Get a second opinion.
OIC. Opioid induced constipation occurs frequently. There is a new medication available just for this problem. Http://www. Salix. Com/products/relistor. Aspx.
A. A colonoscopy or xray test may be needed to exclude a blockage. If no blockage is found then usually over the counter treatments can keep things regular, I like poly-ethylene glycol type products.