Fibromyalgia in teens? My skin hurts to the point of being touched or even wearing clothes is painful. I've been having a very hard time concentrating and remembering short term stuff, like what I had for dinner the previous night. My muscles and joints a

Likely Fibromyalgia. Young male worried "fibromyalgia" (FM); has painful soft tissues & mental confusion. Rheumatology evaluation needed. Teenage males can get FM, especially if have Hypermobility Syndrome (study Brighton criteria) & pursued extreme sports & incurred chronic low back pain. Osteopathic second opinion advised. Widely ranging tender points & cognitive impairment (called "fibro-fog") are classic FM signs.
Not fibro. This does not sound like fibromyalgia. Fibro does not make your skin and joints hurt. It is a muscular disease--i know, because I have it, and my muscles hurt. My skin ever hurts! you need to be assessed by a doctor and possibly referred to a neurologist or rhumatologist.
Yes, . Yes, fibromyalgia can develop in teenagers. While you symptoms certainly suggest fibromyalgia, you should definitely have an evaluation to rule out other causes. Since expense is a big concern when you don't have insurance, look into a county clinic or other facility that could see you for free or at a greatly reduced cost.