Do I need to see someone for a pain on the outside of my knee? I was doing zumba and I did a jump with my legs in a v. When I landed I felt a sharp pain on the outside of one of my knees. I have been wearing a knee wrap to protect that knee due to a str

Yes. Several ligaments and tendons form critical strength and balancing functions on the outside of your knee and might have been strained or otherwise injured. Do see an orthopedist, please!
Hello: Sudden . Hello: sudden knee pain from a landing maneuver you described may simply be an impact injury that bruised soft tissue and bones. Worst-case scenario pictures include meniscus tears, impact damage to the cartilage surfaces of the bones, and a hairline fracture. Knee pain can be notoriously deceptive in terms of its origin and location. Seems that you are still able to walk. Does your knee hurt with activities, and if so what kinds (squatting, pivoting, jumping/landing)? The severity and the length of time that the pain is still present would motivate me to seek medical attention. If your knee is still hurting after a month with particular activities, or if the pain is escalating, i would definitely see an orthopedic physician in your area. Some injuries such as meniscus tears and cartilage surface injuries are unlikely to heal on their own and a delay in diagnosis and treatment may decrease the ultimate success of your treatment. I hope this helps! sincerely, jim hsu, md seattle, wa.