Can cardiac catheterization cause hematoma? My husband had a cardiac catheterization three days ago and now he has a bump a little bigger than a grape on his thigh near where they put in the catheter. He doesn’t want to call the doctor, but I think he sho

Yes. Call your doctor to insure that nothing else is potentially a problem.
Yes, . Yes, it can cause a hematoma. A lump in the groin can be a sign of a hematoma and should prompt immediate evaluation. Sometimes, these lumps can be more serious and a sign of a pseudoaneurysm, or outpouching of the artery, that sometimes requires surgical intervention. Many can be treated non-invasively with ultrasound and injection of thrombin to prevent additional bleeding and expansion of the pseudoaneurysm.
Hematoma. Small olive sized hematoma s are not uncommon . If there is no pain it should be alright ... As a cardiologist tell your husband most doctors would rather hear from their patients about these things don't be afraid to call.