How to treat hyperthyroid after bilateral parathyroidectomy. Three weeks ago I had a bilateral parathyroidectomy & no surgical complications. 5 days after surgery I started experiencing rapid pulse rate, sweating, and loss of appetite which continued to w

While . While it is possible that the hyperthyroidism is unrelated to your recent surgery and just happened to start now, it is more likely that you are suffering from a traumatic thyroiditis, inflamation of the thyroid caused by trauma during the surgery. If that is the case the Methimazole won't do any good, as the gland is not overactive, it is just leaking hormone that is normally stored there. In that case the problem should resolve on its own over a few weeks. If the symptoms are a problem, perhaps an increase in the beta blocker dose will help.
Contact MD. Contact your surgeon for evaluation and treatment. Your symptoms are alarming.