What is the fastest, most effective way to treat extreme dry eyes I visited my opthamologist's office to be measured for removal of a cataract. He advised that I had dry eyes and that he could not get a good measurement of my cornea therfore he proceeded

Multifactorial answe. Dry eye has many causes ranging from environmental, pharmacological, hormonal, due to lid pathology, decrease liquid production, abnormal lipid (oily) portion of tear (evaporative) dry eye. Finding the cause of the dry eye helps determine the treatment needed. It is very important to treat the dry eye prior to cataract surgery. Discuss this with your doctor.
There . There is no simple answer to your question. Dry eyes can result from multiple causes and frequently more then one thing is going on. Because of this a customized treatment for each patient is required. Often this requires multiple forms of treatment. Despite the best care dry eyes often are a chronic problem. Things to ask your doctor about include punctal plugs, restasis, artificial tears, lid hygiene, and dietary suppliments such as omega-3-fatty acids. It is a good idea to treat dry eyes before cataract surgery as it will allow your doctor to take better measurements and help you recover more quickly after surgery.
Dry eye. Dry eye is treated most rapidly with frequent artificial tears, ointment at night, and punctal plugs. See your eye doctor.