What is the best treatment for meniere's disease?

Diet modification . My patients with menieres syndrome are my healthiest. Strict avoidance of caffeine, alcohol, salt, fat and tabacco is critical to avoiding attacks. Stay away from processed meats especially.
Different for each. No single best treatment for md, there are many treatments available because not every treatment is right for every person. Most would agree that if md can be controlled with medication and avoid surgery, this is best. About 75% of md patients are adequately controlled on medication and dietary management alone. If meds alone not effective, surgery often is very effective at improving sx.

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How do you cure for menieres disease?

No cure. Meniere's disease should be considered a chronic, lifelong condition with no cure. Treatment may relieve symptoms but doesn't address the underlying abnormal pathophysiology. Hearing loss progresses over time, and often results in permanent loss at all frequencies in the affected ear. This usually occurs over 8-10 years. Read more...