Best treatment for thyroid cancer? Is it better to just take out the side of the thyroid with the cancer or get rid of the whole thing? If you keep part of your thyroid, could that get cancer later? If I get rid of the whole thing, which is better: radioa

Hemithyroidectomy. If the cancer can be removed by "hemi"thyroidectomy, go for it. The likelihood of getting a thyroid cancer in the remnant is low, and without a thyorid you will betaking pills the rest of your life. As for getting rid of the whole thing, surgery is probably a bit better than radioablation, although if radioablation fails you can always do surgery later. We can predict how well RA will work.
The . The best treatment for thyroid cancer is dependent on a number of factors. The most common thyroid cancers are papillary thyroid carcinoma (>80%) and follicular thyroid ca (~15%). Treatment is dependent on low risk vs. High risk tumors. Low risk is age <45, female, mass is < 2cm, no evidence of metastatic spread (lymph nodes in the neck or further); and on pathology there is no evidence of metastaic spread, spread outside the lining of the thyroid, no cancer at the margins of the resection, no invasion of nerves or blood vessels, only one spot of cancer found in the thyroid. With low risk tumors it may be possible to do a hemithyroidectomy, only remove the half with the cancer. If the pathologist finds other high risk features then you may have to go back to the operating room to remove the other half. Removal of the whole thing allows for better surveillance, allows for radioactive iodine therapy, and it removes the risk of the other side being affected--papillary thyroid cancer can be on both sides. Doing both sides increases risks of surgery--both nerves to the voice box are at risk and there is a risk of low calcium. The number one treatment for thyroid cancer is surgery. It would then be determined if radioactive iodine therapy is needed. Except in very rare cases (people who are too unhealthy to tolerate surgery), radioactive iodine is not the first or only therapy for thyroid cancer.