Testing for colon cancer? Are there any tests besides the colonoscopy? I really don’t want to have to use those colon cleaning laxatives. I had to once before and felt really sick from them. Isn’t there another test?

There . There are actually two separate questions here. The first is whether there area alternative tests besides colonoscopy. There are other tests; but each one has limits. Testing stool for blood can identify cancers; but is not a good preventative test. The real goal is to find polyps before they become malignant. Work is underway on tests that try to analyze dna found in stool to look for markers of abnormal growths. It is an exciting area; but the current tests are not accurate enough and far too expensive. The alternative to colonoscopy that is designed to find polyps without insertion of a colonoscope is ct colography or "virtual colonoscopy". However, it also requires a preparation; and is both more uncomfortable and less accurate than the colonoscopy. The second question you asked deals with the preparation itself. Talk to your physician. There are several newer preparations that entail much smaller volumes of preparation liquid over longer times than we used to use in the past. Most people find it easy and very tolerable. I know i did for my exams.
Still need cleanse. Even if you have a virtual colonoscopy with a ct scanner, a bowel cleanse is needed. Fecal occult blood cards is a less specific screening method but doesn't require a bowel cleanse.