How often does bladder cancer come back? After successful bladder cancer treatment, is it common for it to come back? Can it grow back as a metastatic cancer even after having your whole bladder removed?

Stage dependent. It depends on the stage and type of bladder cancer when it was diagnosed as well as whether or not all recommended treatments wee taken. It can metastasize and that is why some patients need chemotherapy whennsafenafter surgery. It takes only remnant microscopic cells to have leaked out before surgery for it to get into the blood stream or outside the bladder. Stats are stage and path dependent.
This . This depends on a number of factors. The grade of the tumor ( how malignant the cells are ), the stage of the tumor ( how deeply it is growing into the bladder wall ) and the number of tumors all play a part. For the most common type of low grade non-invasive cancer it will recur in approx 50-65% of patients. Recurrence rates for higher grade tumors can be even higher. After bladder removal a bladder cancer can appear in another place only if it was there prior to the surgery but was not detected by the testing done for metastasis.