Chemo after surgery for bladder cancer? Should I have chemotherapy after having my bladder removed because of bladder cancer? Why would this help, since I don’t have a bladder anymore?

Factor dependent. There are many factors that help to determine if it is safe and, or needed. Age, other medical problems, stage of tumor and other pathologic features of your tumor determine the risk of microscopic cells remaining and therefore your potential benefit of chemotherapy aimed at cleaning up microscopic cells in the blood stream and bladder bed.
In. In many cases, chemotherapy given after the bladder has been removed can help reduce the risk of bladder cancer returning. This is because of the fact that although the bladder has been removed there may be a few rogue cells in the body that escaped the bladder before it was removed. It is important the you consult with your urologic surgeon as well as a qualified medical oncologist about the possibility of chemotherapy. Of course each case must be individualized and chemotherapy may not be appropriate for you.