Can a UTI cause kidney cancer? If a bladder infection spreads to your kidneys, can it cause cancer there?

No. There is no evidence that UTI causes cancer in the kidney. It can cause scarring of the kidney and stones in rare cases, but kidney cancer is not associated with uti.

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Had uti and bladder infections 5 times, had a ct scan and ultrosound only find 2 small polyps in uterine wallbut in severe pain in kidneys, bladder hel?

Kidney infection. If you have pain and fever in back you may need stronger antibiotics and esp with recurrent infection. At least the ct is supposedly normal kidneys.
Recurrent. UTI requires anatomic evaluation. If you are practicing good wiping and good hygiene then cystoscopy. A urologist consult is necessary.

How long will it take UTI to turn into kidney cancer?

UTI. Urinary tract infection is not a risk factor for kidney cancer. That has nothing to do with development of cancer. Risk factor for kidney cancer include- smoking, alcohol, occupational exposure to toxic compounds, such as cadmium, asbestos, and petroleum by-products, obesity, hypertension, genetics, polycystic disease of kidney etc.

2012 was diagnosed w/ kidney cancer, had surgery removed 18% of left kidney. Having reoccuring UTI sence im scared could cancer be coming back?

Find out. Uti is relatively common even without the cancer history. Regular follow up of the partial nephrectomy is indicated. Since it was small enough to get out with 18%, I suspect it was thought to be a cure and your surgeon can discuss with you.
Not likely. Recurrent UTI is not necessarily due to your kidney cancer. In fact the two conditions are not related. Since your tumor was probebly quite small when it was removed (in 2012) it is quite unlikely to come back so soon. You should go see your gynecologist or family doctor and ask for their advice as to how to stop the recurring uti...I think they will find you a solution.

What could clear tissue in urine mean? 74 yr old with one kidney removed due to cancer as well as bladder infections.

Not sure what. Clear tissue may mean, but it is time to get a urne analysis and some blood work, and then decision about imaging or cystoscopy. You did not say if it was the kidney, its pelvis or ureter that was cancer. I would definitely call or visit your urologist.

I have symptoms of a minor bladder infection. How long does it take for a UTI to spread to the kidneys?

Won't spread if u. Get proper treatment, call your gyn or regular doc to get started on antibiotics asap or go to an urgent visit center.