Screening for uterine cancer? Are there any tests that can find uterine cancer early, before symptoms show up? My aunt died from uterine cancer that wasn’t diagnosed until stage 4. ’m afraid i’ll get it, too and I want to find it as early as possible.

Gynecologist and ecc. In high risk women a comnpbination of physical exam screening, early symptoms like abnormal bleeding, ultrasounds and when indicated endocervical curretage make the diagnosis of uterine cancer.
Uterine. Uterine cancer has two forms: endometrial cancer and cervical cancer. We screen for cervical cancer with examinations and pap (papanicolau) tests. Endometrial cancer can be sceened for with ultrasound and or endometrial biospies. Many women with endometrial cancer will have post menopausal bleeding. This is a warning sign that can;t be ignored as it will often be present when the cancer is still curable.