What tests diagnose kidney cancer? My doctor wants me to have an intravenous pyelogram. Is he looking for cancer?

Kidney cancer. The best test for kidney cancer remains ct scan or mri. I v p has a limited roll in urology at this point in time. At one time it was all we had, however it is seldom ordered now, particularly when trying to rule out renal tumor.
Pyelogram. Doubtful. Ct scan is the best test to detect kidney cancer followed by ultrasound. Pyelogram will detect any obstruction which could be from stones or cancer or even cysts. Stones are what it is classically used for. Hey, ask your doctor! he/she will tell you what they are looking for.
Probably . Probably not. An intravenous pyelogram (ivp) is a study that looks mostly at the way your body manages urine. It's used primarily to identify blockages in the tubes that collect and transport urine to the bladder. Ivp is not used very often these days, having been almost completely replaced by ct scanning. In fact, no one looking for kidney cancer would use an ivp instead of a ct scan or an ultrasound. Therefore, i think it's very unlikely that cancer is what's on your doctor's mind.