Can I go to a party after my colonoscopy? My procedure’s on friday morning and I want to go to a party that night. Is it safe for me to go? Can I drink?

Thanks . Thanks for your question. Generally we advise patients not to drive or operate any heavy machinery until the following day after a colonoscopy, because the medicines used to sedate you can cause cloudy thinking and altered judgment. There is no medical reason you couldn't go to a party if you are feeling up to it, but i would strongly suggest you go with a trusted friend who can drive you and stay with that friend for the duration of the party. Let him/her know that your judgment may be impaired so he/she can "look out" for you. I would suggest not drinking alcohol that night. I hope this answers your question. Good luck!
Take it easy. I would plan to take it easy after your procedure. Most people are a little groggy after the sedation. You will also be dehydrated from fluid losses so drinking might not be the best idea.