What can I eat before my colonoscopy? They told me clear liquids, but what does that mean? Coffee’s not clear, but they said I can have that. What about orange juice or soda?

Your endoscopist. Should have given you instructions for your prep the day before your colonoscopy. In general you need to be on a clear liquid diet for 24 hours prior to your colonoscopy. Clear liquids is any thing you can see thru with the restriction of no red food products such as red jello or popsicles. Try to drink at least 60-80 oz of fluids during your prep day.
You. You are absolutely right that clear liquids means pure liquids that you could see through. This includes apple juice, soda, crystal light, clear broth, etc. The idea is that this will not leave any residue in your colon. Coffee is ok, although you can't see through it. It does not leave residual fecal matter in the colon. Orange juice is generally not the best choice unless it's sunnydelight. I understand how this is often confusing. Your pre-colonoscopy instructions from your doctor's office would generally give you a specific list of liquids that they allow. Good luck!