Can I exercise while i’m having radiation therapy? I exercise almost every day, and I don’t feel right when I don’t. Now i’m about to start radiation therapy. Will I still be able to exercise?

Yes. Generally, we recommend maintaining activity during radiation therapy. Fatigue is a common complaint with radiation, active patients tend to do better. Most other symptoms with radiation therapy tend to be related to the area of the body treated. Side effects and overall recommendations would depend on region treated and if chemotherapy is required. Consult with your radiation oncologist.
Although . Although it might depend on the type of treatment you are receiving, in general we like to encourage patients to stay active during radiation. Exercise has many positive benefits. We actually have a program designed to encourage patients to get more active while under treatment. It would be important to discuss your specific situiaton with your physician.
Care for skin. Exercise should b allowed and encouraged during radiation therapy. It will help minimize fatigue and maintain body mass. Most radiation therapy should not interfere with much of your daily life although it does depend upon what and which part of your body is being treated. If u develop skin reaction from XRT it could b bothersome with rubbing and sweating. May need loose clothes and skin lube.
Yes. Yes, you may. Being on radiation therapy should not prevent you from exercising unless you are getting a stem cell rescue.