I got brake fluid in my left eye, I washed it out but it still burns badly. Will it go away or should I get medical help. Do I need to get medical attention for my eye?

Brake fluid in eye. Brake fluid in the eye will likely only cause a mild conjunctivitis. I would try using frequent non-reservative artificial tears and ointment over-the-counter. If symptoms do not improve or worsen, go see an eye doctor.
Yes . Yes and urgently. Any chemical that gets in your eye can have a potentially dangerous effect on the eye. Substances that are acidic or basic can cause a chemical burn to the eye which can cause significant long term damage to the eye. The best thing to do when you get something in your eye is wash it out thoroughly for 10-15 minutes and then seek care from your local eye care provider or er. They will be able to check the ph of your eye and make sure that there is no remaining foriegn bodies in or around the eye.