Over a week ago I was in south america (i live in the us) and one day I woke up and blew my nose and it popped and the room spun and I fell to the bed nauseous. The next day I ate nothing, drank nothing and walked for 4 hours in the heat, that night I ha

Possible fistula. Typically a ruptured drum from nose blowing will cause pain, hearing loss, and blood from the ear. Any vertigo will be brief. Another explanation is a peri lymphatic fistula which can be caused by nose blowing, severe elevation changes, diving, and strenuous lifting. In this condition an inner ear membrane ruptures with leakage of fluid behind the drum and profound vertigo/deafness. See ENT asa.
You . You need to be seen asap by an ENT - you may have ruptured an inner ear membrane and need treatment!