Can I get both tummy and thigh liposuction in one procedure? I am 5'6 approx 130 lbs, 28 yrs old. My thighs nor stomach are not exceptionally fat, I've just hated them my whole life. Most ppl would refer to me as thin or not fat. Also what will happen I

Probably but… Whether the combination surgery is indicated and/or safe should be evaluated on an individualized basis.  factors such health status, physical examination, goals, selection of plastic surgeon,  exact procedures planned, estimated blood loss, duration of surgery,  recovery considerations, anesthesia provider, surgery facility are all important  considerations.?  best wishes.
Yes. These areas can be safely combined. However, the key factor for success with liposuction is your skin's elasticity. If the skin is nice and elastic, the results will be smooth. If the skin is loose or has lots of "cellulite", lipo could actually make these areas look worse.
Liposuction . Liposuction of the abdomen and thighs is certainly appropriate in one session assuming you are otherwise in good health. Concurrent procedures are preferred to separate ones in plastic surgery to reduce the cost of anesthesia and minimize time away from work. When performed well, liposuction will lead to lasting results. Future fat will preferentially be stored in areas that were not liposuctioned. However, if enough weight is gained, fat will be deposited in the areas that were addressed. Liposuction will not affect your fertility. You may gain striae (stretch marks) of the abdomen or thighs depending on your skin type and amount of weight gained during pregnancy. Gynecologists recommend approximately 1 pound weight gain per week of pregnancy. The key to maintaining a good shape following pregnancy is to keep weight gain adequate for good fetal health. A large weight gain will lead to ptotic (droopy) breasts, stretched abdominal skin, and stretch marks. The best results in liposuction are attained in those who are reasonably fit. Areas that do no respond to exercise are best addressed.
Liposuction . Liposuction works best for people who are not significantly overweight. Localized collections of fat can be spot removed, and contoured to be more proportionate. Combining different areas is of done. To maximize your safety you should be otherwise healthy, find a board certified surgeon in your area who is qualified to perform liposuction, and be certain that you are cared for in a certified facility. Pregnancy does not directly affect the out come of liposuction, unless you are gaining additional fat. If you are trying to get pregnant, postponing the procedure would be best. If you are asking about pregnancy at some point in the future. The guidelines for weight gain are the same, whether you've had liposuction or not.
Liposuction . Liposuction if one of the most common procedures done in the United States. It is very common to have liposuction of more than one area at a time. In fact, it is recommended. It would not be cost effective to go to the operating room separately for each area of liposuction. Having the tummy (abdomen) and thighs done at the same time is regularly done. Pregnancy can change your body significantly, or possible not very much at all. There is no way to know how your body will react to pregnancy. Having had liposuction will not impact your ability to get pregnant. The important thing is that you seek the advice of a surgeon that is certified by the american board of plastic surgery. It is not enough to ask if the surgeon is board certified. Make sure to ask if it is with the american board of plastic surgery. Once you have visited with a few qualified surgeons you will be able to make the best decision for you. I hope this info helps!
Yes. Just because you won't need much liposuction, you could have both procedures at the same time. However combining an abdominoplasty and lower extremity liposuction increases the risk of blood clots in you legs. You need to discuss it at length with your board certified plastic surgeon.