Should I contact a different doctor for adrenal mass went to a urologist after a CT scan for kidney stones showed an adrenal mass. Urologist sent me for a MRI and had me do a 24 hour urine test to see why I had kidney stones. I am more worried about the

The most common. Adrenal mass seen in about 15% of patients is an adrenal adenoma which is a benign tumor. It is easy to characterize on MRI because we can show there is fat in the tumor. This usually (94% accurate) means that the adrenal tumor is benign. But we make sure by following the tumor with additional MRI studies, which do not use harmful radiation. Ultrasound is not as accurate for followup.
Probably not. Those are are reasonable studies to determine if your mass needs to removed surgically. If you have questions, ask the doctor why he ordered those studies. Although not technically part of the urinary tract, urologists are often the surgeons most familiar with the retroperitoneum, the area of the body where the adrenal gland is located.
It . It depends on the size and characteristics of the adrenal mass and any symptoms you may have from the mass. Larger adrenal tumors should be evaluated and often removed. Smaller masses that have characteristics of a benign (non-cancerous) adenoma on ct scan are often observed, but may be removed if they produce abnormal amounts of hormones. Functional adrenal adenomas can cause high blood pressure, which can be reversible if the adrenal mass is removed. If you are concerned, you should get a second opinion.