Is there a medicine for motion sickness that doesn't make you drowsy?

Low dose Valium . I have good luck with low dose valium. 2mg every 8 to 12 hours can suppress motion sickness without significant drowsiness.
Not really. All meds for motion sickness do, including bonine / meclizine. If you know ahead of time, ask your pmd for scopolamine patch, this helps some people and does not cause significant drowsiness, but is rx only. Also try ginger. Fresh ginger (chewed, don't have to swallow pulp!) or extract helps many people.

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Buying over-the-counter drugs for motion sickness? Which is the least drowsy brand?

Motion sickness. Bonine & dramamine (dimenhydrinate) less drowsy formula both contain meclizine, which is less sedating than regular formulation of dramamine (dimenhydrinate). Read more...