Why do I have so much energy the day before my period is due? Sorry my question mark button it not working. So I have so much energy the days before my period. Why is that, and is there a pill I can take when im not on my period so I can have that kind of

Relative difference! Women's hormones are the lowest during there menses. The loss of progesterone is what causes the menses (period). I believe what is happening is the 12-14 days before your menses your progesterone hormone is present which causes tiredness, constipation, bloating (premenstrual symptoms). The day before your period it is low. You may just be noticing the difference when the progesterone goes away.
Right . Right before a period your levels of Progesterone typically drop (unless you are pregnant). Progesterone causes some of the premenstrual symptoms like bloating in the second half of the cycle. If a pregnancy does not "rescue" the corpus luteum and allow it to continue making Progesterone the corpus luteum will involute and stop making progesterone. This will then trigger "progesterone withdrawal bleeding" and the endometrium or lining of your uterus will shed noticed as menstrual bleeding. You are likely not lacking anything but experiencing the effects of relief of the sedation associated with progesterone.