What is p.A.C & p.F.O. My son was diagnosed with p.A.C while I was pregnant with him & when he was born he was diagnosed with p.F.O. What are these 2 things & do I have a serious need 2 be concerned? Also how can I treat these? He's 2.5 months now & healt

Probably Not But.. A pac is an early heart beat. They are very common, especially in infancy. A pfo is a connection between the top two chambers of the heart; 25% of people have them. Both are generally benign, but can have some issues in select people. Discuss this with your child's cardiologist.
PFO can cause PAC. Pac means premature atrial contractions. Pro stands fort for patent foramen ovale.That means that there is a connection between the two atria of the heart. Usually the foramen will close after birth but sometimes a patch has to be inserted. Today it is possible to do it by cardiac catherization rather than by open heart surgery because of the atrial septal defect that is present cardiac arrhymia p.
PAC . Pac = premature atrial contractions- early heart beats, usually not dangerous. Pfo = patent foramen ovale, while a baby grows in the womb, there is a normal opening between the left and right atria (upper chambers) of the heart. If this opening fails to close naturally soon after the baby is born, the hole is called patent foramen ovale (pfo). He should see a pediatrician, possibly have an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart). Most pfos go away on their own.