Is it possible to get laser eye surgury in one eye only? Both of my eyes are bad - I wear contact lenses every day. An eye doctor said that my other eye isn't possible, but I am thinking about getting it in one eye so that I only have to deal with 1 cont

I . I recommend that you get a second opinion about refractive surgery. It is unusual for one eye to be "okay" and the other eye "to be bad" for refractive surgery. I am concerned that both eyes are not acceptable for refractive surgery. There are alternatives too, such as phakic intraocular lenses, for patients who are not good candidates for laser refractive surgery. Cost vary from place to place. However, i recommend that you do not select a physician based on price alone. Getting something cheaper is not necessarily better. In general, expect to spend about $2000 - $3000 per eye.
Yes. It is possible to have laser eye surgery in only one eye but it is uncommon to be a candidate for surgery in one eye and not the other. Discuss the reasoning for this with your laser eye surgeon.