Cmv and virus hello there I have a doubt relative to cytomegalovirus, why does it attack especifically your retina and also why do viruses remain in our blood even after affecting a specific organ for example hepatitis C which affects the liver still rem

CMV treatment. CMV attacks areas of high blood flow like the retina and unless treated, can remain in the blood stream for long periods of time.
CMV. Is one the beta herpesviruses. All herpesviruses share a characteristic ability to remain latent within the body over long periods. CMV infections are frequently associated with the salivary glands in humans and other mammals, but can infect a wide variety of organs, including the liver.
Viruses, . Viruses, such as hiv, hepatitis and cytomegalovirus (cmv), are pathogens that travel and remain in your blood. This is why viruses can be transmitted by blood transfusions. Viruses attached to cells through interactions with specific receptors and proteins expressed on the cell surface. Hiv has an attraction to human t-cells. Hepatitis c has an attraction to liver cells, and CMV has an attraction to retina cells. Even though these viruses travel in the blood stream and remain there, the clinical consequences of these viruses are seen in the organs they affect most. Thus, CMV can be seen as an infection of the retina.