I had a substance drip in my eye at work. It may have contained a type of anti-freeze... Diagnosed with uveitis and now optic neuritis. Dr.S don't seem to be listening. Being tested for MS and everything else. Simple research I have found says that my s

Eye exposure. A topical exposure to anti-freeze would not cause optic neuritis. It could potentially cause an anterior uveitis if the injury was severe in nature. Continue to followup with an eye doctor.
Anti-freeze . Anti-freeze is an irritant to the eyes and surrounding tissues. Anti-freeze is typically made up of ethylene glycol, which is minimally irritating to the eyes. There is no evidence to indicate that ethylene glycol is absorbed through the skin in quantities sufficient to cause systemic injury. After exposure to the eyes, flush with clean water for 10-15 minutes and seek the attention of your ophthalmologist, eye physician & surgeon. Based on what I have read, i think your uveitis and optic neuritis are likely unrelated to being splashed with anti-freeze.